Nicholas Vroman

杉並区 166−0016
成田西 1−16−33
シテーフラト 浜田山 1F

Tokyo, Japan
Suginami-ku 166-0016
Narita Nishi 1-16-33
City Flat Hamadayama 1F

tel. 090.9144.1541


2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Your show at Calamity Janes has the same name I used 2 years ago for a show of photographs. Micro/Macro. Click this link, scroll down to the listing:

    You should defineitely stop by the gallery; Form/Space Atelier next time you’re in town.

    • Thanks for finding me Paul. And thanks for the info and invite to your gallery. I’ll try to make it. In the meantime, feel free to drop on by for our preview opening, on Feb 12 or during the Georgetown Art Attack on Feb 14. We’ll be there both days. And as for the Macro/Micro – guess we got beat to the punch, but I guess its an idea that’s in the air.

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